Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beautiful Trees!

 Hey everyone, Spring has sprung in 
my area!  I took these pictures a 
couple weeks ago, now the trees are
green. I wish the flowering trees
would stay that way, until Autumn.
Wouldn't that be lovely?  It has been
rather warm here, for March, it is too 
early for me to be around 80 degrees.

This is a closer picture of one of them 
in the picture, below....They go all 
along the front of the property,
and a long the property on the side
street. I am really surprised that a
tree trimming company hasn't come
 a long and cut them, because they 
have grown up through the wires.

I was going to go around to take 
pictures of the Forsythia and the
Tulip trees, but I didn't get it done, so
this is all I have for this year....Well, 
it beats snow pictures!  Sorry, to my 
blogging friends, up North!  I guess you
will have to move South if you want 
better Winters!

Until next time~
Bear Hugs~Karen


  1. I love the flowering trees..and it would be nice if they stayed blooming all year round..we had 61 degrees today..that was awesome..the rest of the week..rain.;) have a great you know when bingo on prim pals is going to start?

  2. LOL, Karen, for a minute I thought the tree was icy.... Oh, that's right, only in PA...

    Very pretty pics, thanks for sharing, gives me hope!

    Blessings, Traci

  3. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that us Ohioans should move south..hehe... I can't wait till we se blooms on all the trees.. at the rate we are going it could be next year..

    I do love it when all the Flowering trees make there breath taking!!

    Have a great Day!

  4. What beautiful flowering trees, don't trees look so much better with colour to them, instead of bare branches.

    We too have had some wonderful weather this week, which for the UK is most unusual!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Hi Karen,
    Love those tree pics! Ours are just now looking like that ~ so pretty!


  6. I am so jealous of your pretty trees and warm temps!!! This is not fair! Thanks for letting us North people get a look at what is to come.
    Hudson's Holidays

  7. Hi Karen :-)
    I know, long time no see :-) :-0 :-)
    Beautiful tree's in blossom Karen. They look as if they are going to a wedding.
    :-) xxx

  8. Beautiful pictures, Karen


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