Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Hello, friends...

First of all, I would like to thank
all of you for stopping by my blog 
and leaving me such nice comments
on my Christmas decor....I really do
appreciate it, so much!  I have made
some wonderful friends, through the
year and I am looking forward to 
making more in the coming year!

 Time is just flying by, it is hard to 
believe that it is almost the 
New Year, already!  I said that I
would post some of the goodies, I 
bought awhile back, so here are some 
of them.

I bought the blue apron and basket in 
Kansas, when I went there  for 
Thanksgiving.  I thought
that I would paint the basket, but I 
think it looks good hanging with the 
apron, so I am going to leave it the 
way it is. It is a good thing that I did
get the apron, because it was in with 
some dishes I bought for my set. Well,
Chum pulled the bag off the table and
they hit the floor and the apron saved
them from being broken. Saved Chum 
from the dog house, too!

I got these goodies on the table at an
estate sale in Arkansas....We were just 
over the state line....The gameboard is 
painted on canvas over wood and framed.
I have one just about like it, but hubby 
wanted it, so we got it....The sugar and
creamer go with my set of dishes, that I'll
show you all, soon. The saucer does not,
but I bought it anyway. I have a lot of 
small white pitchers and they look cute
sitting in saucers. I will show you all 
them, too one of these days....I have a lot
of collections, that I will start sharing, 
plus make overs.

I got these goodies, right after the estate
sale, I got these at Goodwill....I am going
to sand off the cow and paint something else
on the rolling pin and I plan to paint the 
silver bucket.  The wooden bucket is an
ice bucket, I don't know if I am going to 
paint it, or not....Let's see what kind of 
mood I am in when I get the paint out.

I need to stay home.....I bought a swan
the other day and a wooden gingerbread
man....I thought I would put the swan in 
a dough bowl and put pip berries around 
it.....But first I need to take care of all the
Christmas decor, which I usually keep up
until after the 1st of January. I didn't
get my Christmas decorating done until 
later, because I went out of state....

I need to go through my pictures to find
more to post...

Until next time.....

Bear Hugs & Blessing~Karen


  1. ooooh Karen, I'm drooling over all your goodies! The basket does look good with the apron and I love that masher and the game board. Your lucky gurl!

  2. I love all of the new goodies! You sure know how to find them. You know, Chum has to check out everything that comes in the house. Even if it's from a trip to Walmart. Ruskin watches me empty the bags, and he has to sniff everything. If I don't talk to you before then. Happy New Year to you and the family, Kar Bear! Hopefully we can get together on one of your trips back this way!


  3. Karen,

    So many Goodies! Great finds!Love the spoons & masher!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Karen I love all your treasures...The gameboard is great and I want one of those wood buckets...I can't remember what they are called, but I see them in magazines all the time...just can never find them! By the way how did you add the "things I collect" on your sidebar I love that? Thanks, Geesha

  5. Love it all!! I will take the pile of stuff in the second picture on the table Mmmmk? You have my address right??? LOL! I am on a hunt big time for kitchen decor, so if anyone sees anything let me know! I have had apple kitchen stuff for about 13 yrs now and decided NOT to put it back up after removing my Christmas decor. So, now my kitchen is empty lol! I had/have over 1000 pieces in my apple decor all packed and ready to be stored for my kiddos I think. =)

  6. glad that apron saved little chum from the dog house..love the wooden spoons and all the other goodies you found.:)

  7. Karen~ I love the old wood masher/stomper.I have a couple and have to buy them anytime I find them resonable.I normally keep my christmas up till the 1st as well.I enjoy looking at it after the hectic rush is over.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Hey Karen, love all your goodies!! You find the best stuff. I hope we get to go junkin together when we meet up in East Texas, that would be soooo fun!! I'm counting the days.8-)

  9. Karen, You found some really good "stuff"! I can't pass up the old wooden spoons either - you just can't have enough of them or the mashers. Have you noticed how many different shaped mashers there are? Can't leave them behind either! Glad that Chum is not in the dog house - we usually have at least one of the 2 cats in it here. Curiosity killed the cat - that's what I keep telling them and they don't listen! Lol. ~Ann

  10. Wow, I love all your goodies!! The old tins and gameboard are really neat :0)

  11. Karen that bucket is called a firkin! LOL!

  12. I'm so glad Chum didn't end up in the dog house, haha!

    Some great finds there girl! Yes, you do need to start sharing some of your collections and makeovers. =]


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