Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Wedding At The Grand

Hey everyone, I hope you all are
well and doing great!  I know it 
has been awhile since I have posted
anything, other than the giveaway.
One of my friends mentioned that 
I hadn't posted more pictures of
my granddaughter's wedding and 
so, I thought I would show you 
the place where she got married. 
It is an old movie theater made 
over for weddings and parties...

This is across the river from Louisville, Ky
in New Albany, IN...

I hope so!

 This is their picture out 
front in one of the cases.

This is Brittany in the lobby,
there are two entrances into
the other part and you can see
one of the doors, behind her.

Between the doors, are this lounge
and a huge mirror...

This is on the upper level
I love how they put, what looks
like, clear ornaments in the 
fountain, to look like bubbles.

This one is much bigger and
the food is put around this 
on the round counter...

On the lower level, looking 
toward the stage, waiting for
the rehearsal.

Looking back toward the front and
the balcony, above.

If you didn't want to take the stairs,
you could take the ramp, there is one
on both sides. There is more gold 
railing in the place, I just didn't get 
pictures of all of it.

Beautiful gold mirrors on both sides
of the room....

This beautiful chandelier hangs in 
front of the stage where they perform 
the ceremony and over the dance floor.

This lovely arrangement had
her colors, wisteria and teal, and
it was on our table.

I guess I better show you, the bride 
and groom, just in case you didn't 
see the first group of pictures.

It doesn't seem possible that they
have been married almost 3 months, 

Well, that is it for tonight and I do 
hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thanks for stopping by....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen



  1. what a neat place to get married..and I love that fountain and chandelier..and they are too cute..have a wonderful thursday.:)

  2. Karen, Someone sure put a lot of thought and work into that old theater. How neat to get married there! Thanks for sharing. ~Ann

  3. What a lovely place for the wedding! Your granddaughter and new hubby look very happy. She is a beautiful girl! I love the photo of her in her dress, sitting on the lounge with bare feet. :o)

  4. What a lovely bride! Looks like a wonderful place to have a wedding.
    TFS beautiful pictures.
    Hope all is well with you.


  5. wow, that looks like a beautiful place to have a wedding. Her dress is beautiful. I love weddings. Thanks for sharing the day with us.

  6. hi, Karen
    Love the setting!!!Beautiful place~ settings~arrangements~
    Breathtaking bride~
    Congrats to your family~

  7. What a fantastic place to have a wedding! Amazing!!

    Many congratulations to the bride and her very handsome husband on their wedding day, here's to a very long and happy life together


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