Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Place For American Pickers

Hey y'all, I thought you might
like to see this place that Mike
and Frank, on American Pickers,
would love to stop at! It looks 
like it has been closed for years, 
but I would still like to see what 
all is on the inside! I see that Mike
and Frank have been in Texas, too
bad they didn't find this place, 
while there.

I love all the old signs and I know
Frank would be wanting them all!

Looking to the right....

This is looking down the left side of
the building....
I would love to have some of these
old wheels....

I walked along the side for a better
shot of the signs and things along 
the building.

Looking to the left at some more 
great things and another building.
You should be able to click on the 
pictures to make them bigger for
a closer view. Check out those old
bathtubs, I have one of them in my 
other house, it is on legs and good 
to soak in.....The trouble is, I think
is has shrunk over the years (or
maybe the problem is, I got bigger)....
nah, couldn't be the latter ;).....I 
hope you enjoyed seeing this old 
place, thanks for coming along.

If you haven't signed up for my 
giveaway, please do!  All of you that
have signed up, I will be e-mailing
you all in the next few days with how
many chances you have earned. Also,
welcome to my new followers.

I have to tell you to be aware of 
where you are putting your feet!
I was out in the garden on Friday
morning and I felt something bite 
me and looked down and my feet
were covered with fire ants!  I tried
to wash them off with water from 
the hose and it ticked them off!
I have at last count, 113 bites on 
my right foot and 20 on my left!
Some are showing up more as they
start to blister!  I was moving some
grass, etc for mulch around the few 
tomato plants that have survived
this awful heat and I was standing 
in a nest of them! I had sandals 
on and so they had a lot of area to
bite on!......Beware, be very aware,
they might be coming to a yard 
near you!!! 

Talking about surviving the heat,
it was 110 or more most of the past 
week, I think it was Wednesday, 
that it hit 116 degrees! That did not
include the heat index! 
I am going to be staying in the 
house as much as possible,
this week!

Thanks for stopping by and I 
hope y'all stay cool and have 
a great week! 

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Oh Karen, I hope that heat lets up soon, that is just TOO HOT! That's awful about the ants, this time of year as the weeds grow in the garden I'm always worried I'll step on a snake, UGH, now I'll have to watch for those pesky ants as well;) I love American pickers and I would LOVE to go dig around that place it looks so cool!!!! thanks for sharing it with us and have a great day;)

  2. Ooooh, I love AP! Can't believe where they go and what they find. Did you see that a new show is coming on? "Picker Sisters" two of the design gals from Extreme Makeover and just from the previews I know I'm going to like that show too!
    Hope your feet heal up soon; doesn't sound like much fun. TFS the wonderful pictures of a fun place. Take care Karen.

  3. hi, Karen
    no there is some pickin there~ Tons!!! Gold Mine of Junk~ giggles~ Love the big old signs!!
    Bites yikes & too many~ yuk!
    I have been complaining about upper 80's & 90's with humidity~ ok, I will stop my complaining, You have just down right extreme heat~
    try to keep cool~

  4. We are all looking for fall I think. you are right about AP.heck, I'd like to go in there!

  5. you are so right that Mike and Frank would love that them up and give them a heads see if they go there...sorry to hear about all the bites you had..holy moly..hope you are not in any pain..have a great week and give chum a love..oh and your package is in the mail.:)

  6. Wow, I'd love to go junkin there!

    Yikes Karen, I know those red ant bites really hurt~ and itch! Hope your feet heal up soon.

    I don't mind hot weather~ it's the humidity that I can't take. My favorite times are Spring and Fall. Don't like being cold. smile...
    Have a great week! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for signing up for my giveaway and posting it on your blog. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. That was a pickers paradise. Thanks again and good Luck, Denise


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