Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Giveaway Winnings!

Hi blogging friends, I hope you 
all are having wonderful weather,
it has been just beautiful here for
a couple weeks, now....Got lots of
rain on the weekend, though.

I wanted to show you all the
wonderful things I have won in
giveaways and thank them all
again, for their generosity.

First of all, I won a lot of craft
things over at The Crafter's 
Nestled Nook Forum. I was sure
surprised, because I didn't think
I was entered!  Here are the 
wonderful things I was lucky 
enough to win!

All these wonderful items, above
are from Deb Turner, she started
the forum, so if you haven't been 
on there, you need to go check it
out, there are a lot of ideas and 
tutorials posted on the forum.
Click here to take you there.

 All the wonderful crafting supplies
in the picture, above are from Kay
Wigginton, she picked out some
great items for crafting, too! Oh, I 
want to mention that Kay and her
husband have been doing some 
wonderful wooden bowls, trenchers,
game boards and more, so go check
out their fb site, click here to go to
it and when you get down to where 
it says February, click on that and
you will see the trenchers and bowls
that Jerry has been making, they 
are awesome! Tell them that
Karen sent ya!

And, I got all these craft items from
Libby Bryant, she makes some 
wonderful candles and in this bunch
of craft goodies, she sent me some
awesome smelling tarts! You can 
check out her blog, here.

I want to thank all you ladies, 
again, you sent me wonderful 
crafting supplies!

Then I won this cute heart on 
a spring from Angel Bug Prims!
She gave it away to celebrate her
birthday!....Hey, I thought you 
were supposed to get presents for
your birthday, not give away 

And lastly, I won this cute little 
bunny in a flower pot on the PAFA
Spring giveaway!  Lisa of A Stitch
in Time, donated it for the giveaway.
I can tell you that this is the only 
bunny that I have! You would think,
by looking at this picture that he 
might be good sized, but he is sitting
in a 2 1/2" pot!  I don't know how
Lisa has the patience, if she made 
the little bunny, he sure is cute 
and I love his big feet!

I guess this post got really long,
so if you stayed with me this long,
I thank you, also!

I need to get something started,
that I wanted to do, earlier....So,
I am getting off here and getting
at it!  

Something else, I want to add,
I won't be posting the collectibles
on here, that I intended on posting
because I found out, I am able to 
get a booth at the antique mall, so
I will be taking it all there, so 
sorry if you were looking for some
thing that I will be selling.

Thanks for stopping by!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Congrats on all of your wins!You got some lovely things!Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow Karen - you are a lucky gal! Enjoy your winnings! ~*~Lisa

    1. Congrats on all of your wonderful wins!! You sure are one lucky gal :)
      Have a great night!


  3. Karen ~ Congrats on all the wonderful goodies you won!!!
    Looks like your going to be busy crafting away!!!
    Cute Bunny!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. WOW Karen!
    What a great load of goodies! Can't wait to see what you create with them! Congratulations on all of the wins!

  5. You have been one lucky girl! Great goodies and congrats on a booth at the antique mall, hope you sell lots.

  6. Lady Luck has certainly smiled on you!
    Enjoy all of your goodies.

  7. Wow Karen, that's awesome! The first thing I noticed was the whisk broom, I just started collecting those this past year and have had so much fun finding them. Then I started finding all the things that I could put to good use. You won some great goodies, girl! Have fun with it~

  8. I wasn't winning anything, then all of a sudden, I won three! The first 3 pictures
    are of the craft goodies I won from the forum. Come on down, Angie and help me
    use up some of it!



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