Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dishes I LOVE & A Birthday Gift!

Morning everyone....I thought I 
had better do a post before everyone
forgets about me! I am still here, 
just haven't had much to blog about.
I've been keeping up with what you
all have been up to....I intended on
posting about these beautiful dishes,
that my sister gave me...She had these
from when she was first married, back
in the 60s....I looked them up on ebay
and I can buy some to replace the ones
that are missing.

There are even glasses to go them...

These are the cups to my blue set
of dishes....

I had to clean out the china cabinet
to make room for them and here's
all the stuff from 2 shelves, on the 
table, plus the dishes.

Here are two round platters and
one oval one, below. In case you are
wondering, no I didn't paint the 
inside of the cabinet, green...
Might look good all decked out
for Christmas,
I really should paint the inside a
different color.

I packed up some of the glasses and
I put a couple of the white pitchers 
in the bedroom, then I crammed 
everything I wanted, back into the 
cabinet. Everything left on the
table, I am going to be selling.....
I have way too much stuff around 
here and it needs to go, so I am 
going to list some things on here,
to give you all a chance to buy 
it and then I will take it to an
antique mall.....So, be watching
if you are interested! 

Last, but not least....
I did not blab about my birthday

on here, but everyone's friend,
and you know who I mean, sent
me these hearts for my birthday!
They are on the table and they 
are not included in the sale items!
She sent the cutest card, with a
wiener dog, but I forgot to include
it in the picture....Thanks so much
for thinking of me, Linda!  You 
are just the sweetest!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. Everybody deserves to get a little surprise now and then. I'm happy to have made you smile....

  2. How sweet that your sister gave you those gorgeous dishes Karen! I love anything red/white and I also have a fondness for dishes!


  3. oh I love those plates that you got..and I love the glasses that match..can't wait to see what you are giving up.;) and love the hearts that Linda made you.;) they are wonderful..and happy belated birthday:)

  4. Red and white transfer ware! Oh my goodness, what a treasure. I have the blue and white but would love,love,love the red and white! Happy birthday, belated!

  5. Karen, that's a beautiful collection! Happy belated bday! That Linda is a sweetheart. ~*~Lisa

  6. Those are just fabulous dishes! What a sweetheart, I love the colors!

  7. Beautiful dishes! I don't think I have ever seen glasses that match dish sets like that. Cups yes, but not glasses. How neat to have such a full set!

    Yes, I knew it was your birthday and thought of you but didn't get on here and wish you a happy birthday. So I hope it was a nice one! Linda's hearts are so cute!

    Stay warm and cozy. No snow or rain in sight, just cold.. BRRR!

  8. Beautiful dishes! How cool they have glasses to go with them. Happy belated birthday! Love your goodies from Linda! ~~Annie

  9. I love dishes too, I have the blue willows, I've always wanted the pink but gave up looking for them

  10. Karen-I was blog hopping today and found you. Congratulations on your dishes. I love dishes. Infact, I saw a picture of the same red and white dishes over the summer and decided I had to have some. I bought a couple of pieces online, but after shipping it was pricey. In early December I found a couple of pieces at an antique store. Score. Then for Christmas, my smart hubby walked a local street with a few antique stores and found a bunch more. I have about 10 plates, an oval platter, a round platter with handles, a butter dish, and 4 bowls. I LOVE them so much. I want more >LOL


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