Friday, December 30, 2011

I hope you all had a great Christmas,
I know I did! I said that my spirits
were lifted after I talked to my sister,
well, we spent Christmas together
for the first time, since the 60's or 
the 70's! My family is spread out
all over the U.S. and she lived in 
Oregon for a long time and now
she is back in Missouri....So, I hope
we can visit, more often. It was an
awful short visit, but it was wonderful!

 I did get some pictures going up 
and coming back.....This is not far
from where I live and we were way 
up on a ridge! It doesn't look like 
it is high up in the picture, like it
does with your eyes!

Still in the Kiamichi Mountains...

I loved this X in the sky!  My hubby
wanted to know if my sister lived under
it! X marks the spot!

I think this ridge is the one with the
tunnel, below. 

I can see daylight at the end of the

 This is not a good picture, but I was in a
hurry to see my sister and I didn't want to 
walk a long ways to get a better one!
I hope you weren't in MO, Angie, becaue
I will be mad that I didn't have time to
meet you!

I love all the rock in Missouri, we used
to go there to see my grandparents
when I was young. 

This is Tom, my sister's turkey....He
kept following us around and talking
to us and showing off.

On the way back home, in Osage, AR, 
there is a pottery shop, just off the
road we were on, so we stopped and
my hubby got a coffee mug....The 
potter said it was a general store
from 1901 until 1989...He has been
there a long time and lives next door.
I love the stacked stone on the side.
Have you ever heard of the War Eagle
craft show?  I wanted to go to it in 
October, but didn't get there, anyway
he said he has set up there for 33 yrs!

I love this picture, it reminds me 
of a folkart picture with the hills
going this way and that!

This was taken shortly after the pic,
above it....If you make the picture
bigger you might be able to see the
houses up on the ridge! I could have
cropped this picture, but then you 
wouldn't be able to see how high 
the ridge is....The trip was fast, we
went up on Saturday and back on 
Monday!  I have more pictures and
some of them are misty from a lot
of rain, that we ran into....

I want to thank you all for coming
along on the trip and thank you all
for following!  I love blogging and 
seeing what everyone is doing, how
you are decorating, what you are 
creating and so on....
I want to say Happy New Year
to you all and I hope the new year
brings you many blessings, good
health and many more friends thru

I forgot to have my giveaway at 
Christmas time, so I will have one
later on....What is up with that?
I guess it was because I was 
Bah Humbug! am so glad 
that I got over that....Geese Louise!

Happy New Year!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. The Kiamichi's! I went there once for a women's retreat in the fall and it was absolutely gorgeous! That's the first time I learned that OK had mountains, lol.

    Oh wow, I wasn't in Branson but my two oldest kids were there with our church youth group for a conference. They were there 28th - 30th. I too love seeing those rocks. I've seen them all my life but still love to view them. They are really neat when they have huge icicles hanging on them!

    How funny that your sister's Tom was following you around. I think I might have been a little freaked out though, lol. I'm SO glad you were able to spend Christmas with her, that is so special Karen!! If you went on Saturday, then we probably were on the road at the same time, hahaha! We left our house Sat morning/Christmas Eve about 9:30 and went to Ozark, MO (between Branson and Springfield). We got home late that evening about 1:00/Christmas day so the kids could get some sleep and Santa come to our house. So I'm sure we were traveling on the road together. I wonder how far apart we were, lol.

    Maybe you and I should meet up and make a trip to War Eagle. I've wanted to go ever since I was a young one and I can't get anyone to go with me. The times my mom/sisters went, I couldn't go so I've never been either. Hmmm... something to think about =]

    Well I've rambled enough. You and hubby have a wonderful weekend and New Year's Eve!

  2. loved all the is so pretty where you are and where you were;) glad you are not bah humbugging it anymore..can't wait to see what you "giveaway"..happy new year;)

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  4. Wow Beautiful pictures!!

    Happy New Year Karen may it be filled with Good Health,Love, Peace and Happiness!!

    Thank you for being a part of my life!!


  5. Great pics, Karen, so glad that you got to spend time with your sister. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!



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