Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Fesival, Part 2

Hi all, I am pretty busy today, 
but thought I would get on here
for a bit and show you some 
more pictures of the festival.
I didn't get as many inside, as 
I thought....There were quite a
few crafters and demonstrators, 
but I was short on time and I
didn't get them all, but I did 
get quite a few of them.

This couple were playing dulcimers
and they would even give you 
lessons. I don't know about you all,
but I love dulcimer music!

These ladies were spinning wool...

Looms for rug making....

 Handmade canes and walking sticks,
santas and more.
There was man making broom, 
another making candles and you
could even dip your own, sorry, I 
didn't of them. They even had one
room, just full of quilters and 
quilts! I didn't even go into that
room, this time....

Now, outside we go....The Heritage
Center is built like a circle and 
they have this old post office out
in the yard....

We used to have a booth in an 
antique mall and a lot of the tins
on these shelves are ones that we
sold there, they used to be part 
of my collection!

This huge bear is on the porch of
the center.

This huge Indian is over to the 
right a bit....Isn't he awesome?
Behind him is a stage, that they 
had people playing music, telling
stories, or clogging the whole 3
days of the festival.  I would have
loved to stay a long time, just to
listen to the music, but since I 
was going to Texas, that didn't 

Well, I hope you enjoyed part 2 of 
the Festival, you can catch part 3
on Saturday....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

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  1. What an awesome festival Karen! We don't ever have anything like this is NE Oklahoma. =[ I really wish I could be there.


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