Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonderful Wildlife

Hello, blogging buddies....
I was out taking pictures, the 
other day and I thought you just
might enjoy seeing the 
wonderful awesome carved
animals in downtown Broken
Bow, OK....They have been 
redoing all the sidewalks and 
putting in wheel chair ramps 
and raised flower beds, with these 
wonderful carved statues of
wildlife....I have seen a smaller
 bear holding a "Welcome"
sign, that I just might have to
buy to put on my front porch.

I had to get two views of this eagle!

Isn't this little one cute?

 Love this turkey!

There's even a fish! 

I do believe this one is a hawk.

Better view of it's face...

These last two must be the
latest, because they don't have
and flowers in their beds....I 
love the owls...
This beaver is so cute with 
his buck teeth!  There are still 
some empty beds, so I imagine
there are more to come.

I hope you enjoyed the tour 
and the wildlife!
I have been working on the rest
of the kitchen cabinet doors 
and the drawers
and I think I see light at the
end of the tunnel!  A few more
days and I will have them all 
done and the trim all done!
My hubby has some more to 
do, before I can finish it all...
I need to make curtains and
also a Halloween costume for
the contest that they have, 
where he works.....

Well, it is late and I better 
get to bed, I have lots to do

Also, I won the gingerbread man
over at Grandma Kringles! I was
so tickled, I was going to buy one,
because I didn't think I would win 
it and I like to decorate my 
with gingerbread men for 
Christmas. It sure made my day!
Thanks again, Grandma Kringle,
I can't wait to get him!

Besides working on the kitchen 
and some of the dining room, I 
have been walking and let me tell
ya that my legs are telling me to
slow down!......I was out working
in a flower bed this afternoon, so
that might help stretch the 
muscles in my legs, they sure 
are getting tight....

Well, I am off to bed, you all take
care and have a great week!

Thanks for stopping by....

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen


  1. What awesome wildlife! Someone certainly is talented with a chainsaw. We watched a guy at our State fair this year carve some of the most interesting items from logs. Didn't have a camera with me but there were many wonderful animals, a windmill and my favorite was a basket of flowers with a hummingbird!! The intricate details were amazing.
    TFS your pics.
    Have a wonderful week Karen.

  2. Congrats on your win Karen, her ginger men are so adorable!!! LOVE that big bear and the beaver, lol, very beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I just love the wood carved wildlife! That is neat the town is sprucing itself up! We have a local wood carver here and whenever we drive by his house we have to slow down and see what his latest projects are.

    Congrats on your win! The gingerbread man is very cute!

    Autumn blessings from Jessica

  4. Love those pictures. I thought the eagle was awesome. They are so majestic anyway. One was lost,Volunteer was his name, from Dollywood for a while but they finally rescued him. Knoxiville has bears(foothills of the Smokies) but not nearly as pretty as those carved one you shared. TFS

  5. Karen
    they are beautiful~ love the hawk~

  6. Those statues are so neat! I like the eagle and hawk the best. How far are you from Broken Bow? My son's football team, Catoosa, is playing Broken Bow in the first round of playoffs this Friday night. I sure wish we were playing there though, I would love to come see those statues in person!

    Congrats on your win! I love gingerbread so much, that most of mine stay out year round. I have such a hard time putting them away, hehe!


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