Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hey!  I am still kicking and thought about you all in blog land! 
I hope this finds you all in good health.
I know a lot of us got over on fb and that is all she wrote! I have
missed blogging and all the prim hunters, out there.
If  you happen to read this, please leave me a comment
to let me know how you are doing.
Bear Hugs, Karen


  1. so good to see you back. I am still blogging but don't feel it is as popular as it once was. I love the intimacy of blogging as opposed to FB, but am doing both. All is well here, I have been traveling a lot, but am enjoying it

  2. Nice hearing from you again Karen!!!
    I'm still blogging when I can ~ must agree with Betty it doesn't seem like a lot of people are out there and they don't comment like they used to. I haven't moved over to FB yet ~ but have been thinking about it. We'll see.
    Hope everything is well with you!

  3. Karen!! Facebook truly hates me, lol! They have shut me down 3 stinking times! This last time they made me turn my account into a page. I tried everything I could to get around it but no such luck. So I made it a page now I can't see what anyone is doing. Bleh. I've been without a camera, a phone, a laptop. But I am finally back in business!!! So, email me your new number. berryhomespunprimitives @ I have your (580) number,do you still have it? If you still have my number, it's the same. Call or text sometime. I want to come see your new place. Miss you girl!

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I love reading your comments, it makes my day!
Please stop by often.

Bear Hugs~Karen